L.A. Weekly Starts Their Own Food Blog

Our sister paper, L.A. Weekly, debuted their very own food blog last week. Called Squid Ink, it features the return on Ask Mr. Gold, where resident Pulitzer-prize winning critic, Jonathan Gold, reprises his popular food advice column.

We welcome the esteemed Mr. Gold and crew to the food bloggin' foray, but this gives me an idea...an idea to steal the idea! (Hey, SF Weekly's SFoodie flattered me by cribbing my Wacky Snacks idea once).

So here's my proposal: Why not an O.C. food advice column?

Send your questions on O.C. dining at elmomonster75@yahoo.com, and I'll attempt to answer them (probably with some enlisted help from Gustavo and Lesley) in a new blog category that's yet to be named.


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