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La Vida Cantina Opens in Costa Mesa

Around April of last year, a Mexican restaurant and cantina by the name of El Corazon opened at The Triangle. It didn't do so well. Despite the flaming cocktails, the place was finally sold off to the owners of Sutra earlier this year.

Now it has returned as La Vida Cantina. They added a few more art pieces, and that flaming drink is no more. And though I never ate at El Corazon, I don't remember the palapa-tented seating outside, which should remind us gabachos of the last time we were at a Mexican beach resort. Listed among the seafood-heavy specialties: Enchiladas de la Langosta, Ahi Tostaditas and Shrimp Ceviches.

Will it last more than the year El Corazon lasted? Let's see.

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