LA Times Article on The "Food Paparazzi" a.k.a. Those @#$%^ Food Bloggers!

First it was the NY Times, today it's the LA Times' turn to put in its two-cents on this phenomena of food picture-taking. Unlike the NY Times article, which chronicled those obssessed with capturing every morsel of food eaten, even if it's a jelly bean or a bowl of oatmeal made in the privacy of the food pornographer's own home, LA Times goes on to dissect those who'd rather do it in in restaurant bloggers (the kind I am).

It quotes Ludo Lefebvre saying through gritted teeth. "We cook, we smile -- and the people, they don't eat. They get their cameras."

"Chefs call them the food paparazzi, and these days, no morsel is too minor." the article says.

It goes on to detail the special kind of annoyance and symbiosis between chefs like Top Chef Master Lefebvre and well, those @#$%^ food bloggers!


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