La Super Costilla, Foot-and-a-Half-Long Two-Pound Beef Rib, Headed To The OC Fair
Anne Marie Panoringan

La Super Costilla, Foot-and-a-Half-Long Two-Pound Beef Rib, Headed To The OC Fair

We couldn't wait until next month for the Orange County Fair to kick off, so we motored down to Del Mar this week and checked out some of the fan-freaking-tastic snacks working their way up the 5. Our first stop was Biggy's Meat Market, and Dominic Palmieri was more than ready to share his wares.

Palmieri had two new items to their menu. First was a "Texas Tenderloin": pork pounded thin like veal Milanesa, breaded, and deep-fried. Nestled in a bun with the usual lettuce and tomato accoutrements, it paired well with any of the sauce bar options, including his Jack Daniels BBQ Whiskey flavor. But we know you're dying to learn more about that photo, right?

Dubbed The Big Beef Rib (La Super Costilla for the California crowd), we're talking TWO POUNDS of USDA prime aged meat that's been butchered to naturally bind to a 17-inch rib bone. It is then marinated, tenderized, slow smoked for over two hours and mesquite finished. Whaaat?!? In addition, carnivores have their choice of smoky, zesty garlic and spicy BBQ sauce as a finish.

But wait, there's more! For those times when food wins over man, Palmieri designed special "Doggy Bone Bags" (which resemble the plastic you stick an umbrella in during a rainy Target run) for stashing leftovers. At around $17 a pop, it's a feast fit for Flintstone himself.

For the hardcore grillers, he's preparing to sell it online, with seasoning packets and online instructions to assist you. Otherwise, you've got another three weeks to daydream, or until July 4 to hightail down to Del Mar. As Dominic says, "We hope to make Henry VIII proud. A modern-day Renaissance food. Out with the leg of foul, in with the two-pound rib of beef!"

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