La Habra Spring Citrus Fair Starts Today And Lasts The Weekend

La Habra, the Orange County city most of Orange County doesn't realize is an Orange County city, is doing something to tell you that it exists, goshdarnit...and that it played an important part in our county's agricultural history.

This weekend, but actually starting today, the city will host the La Habra Spring Citrus Fair. It's four days of fun and festivities that includes a Bubble Parade at 5:30 p.m. this afternoon (Thursday), and continues till Sunday with rides, stage shows, food and merchandise.

Appearances will be made by the threesome you see above, who are named Limon the Lemon, Val the Orange and Hass the Avocado. At some point there will be an orange and lemon eating contest, though apparently not an avocado one.

On Saturday, a "Fabulous Fruit Exhibit" at the Historical Museum honoring La Habra's agricultural heritage will be unveiled for, like, the first time ever!

The fair is located on 321 E La Habra Boulevard between Cypress and Euclid Streets.

For more details, click here.

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