Kreayshawn. . . or Kreayfish?
Kreayshawn. . . or Kreayfish?

Kreayfish's "Fishy Fishy" Spoof Video

Our music bloggers have been telling you about overnight hip hop sensation Kreayshawn's rocket ride to stardom on the back of her hit "Gucci Gucci" video. With a few hiccups along that road to success, necessarily comes a little spoofing.

So now...this dead-on spoof of "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayfish that we think is the best commercial ever for Ensenada-style fried fish tacos. Turn the page to see the video!

Now this earworm is going to lodge into your brain, fighting with the original tune. You're welcome!

And we eatin' like fishy fishy, shrimpy shrimpy, taco Ensenada
Them basic fish ain't that delish so I don't even bother

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