Koo's Catering Truck: Now Without The Truck

This past summer I gorged on the hotteok from Koo's Catering Truck. I usually took a few back to the house and ate the Korean sweet pancakes as breakfast on Saturday mornings. It went well with a cold glass of O.J.

I loved it so much, in fact, that I chronicled it for our Cheap Foods Issue. Other than the great bargain and the deliciousness of the pancakes, it was a reassuring sight to see the truck parked there every weekend at the Freshia Market parking lot in Tustin.

But as soon as summer ended, the truck was gone.

Or so I thought. Apparently, I wasn't looking closely enough.

Thankfully someone was paying attention. According to Dan Garion of Eat in OC, hotteok can still be had, but "instead of a truck there was a small cart that an Asian man and woman were sitting/standing at waiting for customers."

Read his post here.

I agree with Dan's assessment that perhaps the overhead for the truck was too much to bear. But who needs the truck if the pancakes are still scalding hot and a buck each.


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