Kolache Factory, Texas Chain Specializing in Czech-Tex Favorite, Coming To Tustin

We were backing out of a crowded strip mall in Tustin (half eaten spam and egg banh mi in hand) when we spotted the signage. Kolache Factory! Wait, what's a kolache? Whatever it is, they are taking over a former Wells Fargo off Newport Avenue.

There were photos of pastries and stuffed breads, and references to Prague and "old-world flavor". Squinting through the blinds, they hadn't even begun to build out the space. It was a little mysterious, and our curiosity was eating away at us.

A kolache is a modern variation of a pastry roll that originated in Eastern Europe and are huge in Texas due to the state's longstanding Czech community, which we have next-to-none of 'round here. Kolache Factory's menu stuffs these with Philly cheese steak, eggs, and potatoes (among other options). Dinner rolls and croissants are additional specialties. Katz Coffee, a Houston-based roaster, is promoted as their caffeine of choice.

Of the 40+ locations listed, the high majority are unsurprisingly found in Texas. This spot appears to be their first West Coast operation, thanks to franchise opportunities. Speaking of opportunity, they're also hiring. The smell of fresh baked bread and employee discounts is rather tempting.

Kolache Factory will be located at 14091 Newport Avenue in Tustin; www.kolachefactory.com.

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