Kogi's O.C. Permit Issues Resolved. Planning to Come to Tustin in August; And About That Baja Fresh Thing...

First, there's this: My source has informed me that Kogi's O.C. permit problems are history.  As far as I can tell, they have the all clear and are go-for-launch.  Or relaunch, actually.  As I mentioned in other posts, they've been here before.  

Now that their permit issues are resolved, the word is that they hope to cross into the Orange County line once again sometime in August.  First stop planned, might just be The District in Tustin.

But before they do, some logistics have to be worked out, such as acquiring a bigger commissary kitchen here in O.C.

So...what about that Baja Fresh thing that our friend Christian at OC Mex Blog discovered several weeks ago.  You know, the one where it was found that Baja Fresh was calling their Korean tacos "Kogi Tacos"? 

Well, since that time, Baja Fresh has backed-off and announced that they will no longer use the word "Kogi" to represent their Korean-style tacos.  Instead they will call them "Gogi Tacos."  Click HERE to read their side of the story.  

In a nutshell, they express that there has been a misunderstanding.  "Kogi", they say, was not the general Korean word for "Korean BBQ style" as they previously believed it was.

We may never know what really prompted Baja Fresh's about face, and why their CEO, David Kim, didn't catch it, if it was truly a mistake.  But if one had to guess, it's most likely because of public feedback.  

When Kogi, themselves, finally posted about it -- mainly to refute claims that they "sold out," and to solicit suggestions as to what their next move about it should be -- customer reaction was fast, furious, and, often, funny.

"RUMBLE," one said.

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but man this is straight robbery," another observed.

And there was this, my favorite:

"That's not baja fresh.. that's baja wack!!"


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