Kogi Scion xD Spotted at L.A. Auto Show

Kogi Scion xD Spotted at L.A. Auto Show
Photo by Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Food trend, meet Motor Trend. The L.A. Times Blog has a report and pictures on a super-pimped out Kogi Scion xD spotted at the L.A. Auto Show. No it's not just a car with Kogi stickers on it: this is as close to a Transformer as we can get -- a car molded in the spirit of Kogi's urban-coolness and a literal interpretation of a movable feast.

It's got a built-in grill and a sink that slides out and retracts at the command of an iPhone app. It's a collaboration between Kogi and a Santa Ana car customizer, who, you may have guessed, loves Kogi's food.

Read more about the Kogi Scion xD HERE.

**Thanks to Professor Salt for sharing this article.

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