Kogi Korean Taco Truck Makes It To Newsweek

Like I said in my review of Pizzeria Ortica this week, L.A. seems to be having all the fun lately, especially with Kogi Korean Taco Truck, the "Tweeting" roach coach that everybody wants a piece of. 

Last week, quite inevitably, it made it to Newsweek, which is great and all, but as I read the article in rapt attention, I notice this sentence: 

"Kogi is currently aiming to send trucks to San Diego and San Francisco before eventually heading east." 

It may be the fact that Newsweek's national reporter doesn't realize that between L.A. and S.D., lies, well, us! But I hope that we don't see a Kogi truck zooming past us on the 5 Southbound without making a stop! 

So I'm reaching out once again to Alice (Kogi's cool PR person, who was kind enough to e-mail me last time for this post): Park here on your way to visit Shamu, will you please? ;-)


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