Kogi in Reverse? Mexican Taco Truck Sells Korean Noodles

Kogi in Reverse? Mexican Taco Truck Sells Korean Noodles

Tacos Perrón in SanTana is best known for acting as a remora in reverse to the mighty Rubén's Tacos y Mulitas empire: When Rubén's is parked in the morning on Main and Bishop streets, Tacos Perrón (literally "Big Dog Tacos," but really meaning "Bad-Ass Tacos") parks on Main and Walnut streets; when Rubén's moves to Main and Walnut in the evening, Perrón switches places and stays at Main and Bishop late into the night. The trickery is blatant, down to the green paint job Perrón put on the side of its lonchera à la Rubén's, and even Perrón's menu mimics Rubén's--not a bad mimicry, I might add.

But in one very distinctive way does Perrón distinguish itself--as seen from the photo above, they're now selling Nongshim noodles for a buck per bowl.

I can't say I've ever tasted the South Korean-style ramen (our family was more of a Maruchan clan), but the Perrón people are smart: Mexicans are crazy for Asian instant noodles. The


will begin offering various flavors as part of a promotional deal with Nongshim, which is a Korean mega-corporation. I took the picture last week, but Tacos Perrón had yet to stock the bowls.

Somewhere, Roy Choi is smiling . . . while sitting on piles and piles of cash.

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