Kogi at Diamond Jamboree Tonight. You've Been Warned.

As you know, OC is now serviced by a dedicated Kogi truck nicknamed Naranja. But tonight, Kogi will land at Diamond Jamboree (10:30 p.m.-midnight). This sounds like either a very very good idea or a very very bad idea. I vote bad, because parking at the Asian minimall is hell as it is. Add a few hundred people standing in line for a taco truck? That's more hysteria than if aliens decide to make first contact at a sci-fi convention.

Suffice it to say, I will not be there. It's past my bedtime.

But also, a few weeks ago, I was already at the first Irvine stop, waiting with a group who have not tried it before. I mitigated the expectations of those I was with. I said "The food is good, but perhaps not two-hours good." As far as I'm concerned, unless it prepared by Thomas Keller and served to me by Angelina Jolie, no food is.

It was fun regardless. Experiencing the palpable sense of communal excitement of my group was the reason I queued up with them. But that isn't to say that some people weren't disappointed.

I nearly choked from stifled laughter when a hipster, who looked like Ryan Reynolds' twin, bit into his long-awaited Kogi taco, took a few chews, nodded a few times, and said with deadpan delivery:

"It tastes like...a Korean taco! It's...not magic food! I'm like...so mad!"


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