Kobe Bryant Breakfast Time!
Andrew Youssef

Kobe Bryant Breakfast Time!

While recently eating wonderful baked beans at the Olde Ship, the following conversation happened with a nice chap:

Him: So I saw Kobe Bryant getting breakfast at [RESTAURANT].
Me: Why would he drive so far? I thought he lived in Newport Coast.
Him: It's not that far! Typical Anaheim guy: you get the coast all messed up!
Me: Was he mobbed by a bunch of people?
Him: No. It was early in the morning, and he had a bunch of bags filled with orders to go. I think he ordered pancakes.

Gentle readers: In what restaurant was Kobe Bryant spotted getting to-go breakfast? Read the clues closely--the only other one I'll give for the moment is that the restaurant wasn't a chain. Winner gets a jar of Hatch chile sauce prepared by mi chica. WARNING: It's addictive and packs a furtively sweet punch.


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