KNBC-TV Investigation of Fraudulent Farmers Markets Nails Frutos Farms of Cypress

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KNBC-TV Channel Four's investigative team is most famous in food circles for launching the sting that led to the letter-grade system for Los Angeles restaurants. Last week, it aired another exposé, this one targeting vendors at farmers markets that fraudulently claim to sell organic food.

The biggest loser? Frutos Farms in Cypress.

Channel 4 reporters visited Frutos Farms' actual farm in Cypress, asking to see the avocado trees from where they get their gnarled, buttery fruit to sell. Not only did owner Jesse Frutos not have any avocados growing on his lot, but he actually bought them from vendors from Mexico.

The Agricultural Commissioner of Orange County issued Frutos Farms a notice of violation for their fraud, according to the report. I've never tried their produce, but the report says they set up at the Buena Park Farmers Market, and this link also places them at the Long Beach Farmers Market. Makes you wonder which other farmers use that ruse...


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