Kitchen Republic Replaces Bondi Grill House in Huntington Beach's Bella Terra

Bondi Grill House, the Australian-themed barbecue joint at Bella Terra folded around Thanksgiving time last year. It had opened a year earlier in April 2014. 

Now a new restaurant called Kitchen Republic has moved in.

Kitchen Republic bills itself as a "Tapas Bistro", but it's not exactly Spanish, nor French. The menu is divided into "Earth", "Land", "Sea", "Pasta & Soup", "Main Land" and "Main Sea". The latter two has a pho with filet mignon and jumbo prawns with garlic noodles.

To see the rest of the menu, check out its website.

7821 Edinger Ave. Suite 110, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, (714)891-8890


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