Kimosabe, Our Drink of the Week!

Kimosabe, Our Drink of the Week!

"Kimosabe" is the first word of dialogue spoken in the new action picture The Lone Ranger (well, two long scenes of action at the beginning and end, with a lot of yaaaaawn in between). Kimosabe is also the first of three summer cocktails tied to movies playing at Cinepolis, the luxury movie theaters in Laguna Niguel and Rancho Santa Margarita that--unlike other luxury movie theaters in Orange County that only sell beer, wine and "cocktails" made with wine--actually puts real honest to Spielberg booze in their drinks. And these are generous pours. The first sip of my Kimosabe had me shrieking, "Hiiiiyaaaawaaaathaaaa!"

It's made with peppery Larceny bourbon, fresh blackberries, fresh lemon juice and sage thar will have you ready to order a second with the first gulp while also giving a swift kick with gulp after (even after stirring and stirring) that lets you know two had better be your limit. Does it say something that I'd return just to order a Kimosabe even if it meant having to again sit through Gore Verbinski's 149-minute train wreck? Actually, the train wreck (spoiler alert) was part of the best action sequence. What I'm trying to say is come to see Johnny Depp with shit all over his face, stay for the ripping Kimosabe.

Prepare to pucker up for Adamantium (left) but make sure to hit the Hit Girl Martini.
Prepare to pucker up for Adamantium (left) but make sure to hit the Hit Girl Martini.

Keep in mind I sampled Cinepolis' other two special summer cocktails as well (what I don't subject myself to for you people!). I'd also recommend the Hit Girl Martini inspired by Kick-Ass 2 opening Aug. 16. It's a refreshing mix of Herradura Blanca tequila, hibiscus syrup, fresh lemon, agave nectar and angostura orange bitters. So yummy. I had highest hopes going in for the drink honoring the July 26 opening of The Wolverine. That's due to my undying love for two ingredients in the battery acid-colored Adamantium: Bombay Sapphire East gin and Stone IPA. But the combination of fresh lemon and grapefruit juices with the already grapefruity India Pale Ale and sour gin made my lips instantly pucker like Meg Ryan's after Botox. Order only if you really like 'em tart ...

Each cocktail, available now even if their respective flicks have not opened yet, is a steep $13 a glass but, like I said, the pours are generous so it doesn't take much. Food and movie tickets are also pricey here, but the menu is more varied and interesting than the ones at other luxury cinemas I've visited--and the leather recliner seats are waaaay more comfortable at Cinepolis. Actually, when you add it all up, you are paying no more and probably less had you paired your movie date with a nice offsite restaurant meal. It's one stop shopping and you only have to tip once! Cinepolis also has inviting lounges indoors and outdoors to keep you and your wallet there longer, which is obviously the point, kimosabe.

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Cinepolis is at 32401 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel (949.487.1900) and 30632 Santa Margarita Parkway, Rancho Santa Margarita (949.835.1888)

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