Kerfuffle Over Saveur Magazine's Los Angeles Issue

Kerfuffle Over Saveur Magazine's Los Angeles Issue

You may have already heard that that Saveur dedicated its entire recent issue to the Los Angeles food scene, featuring none other than L.A. Weekly's Jonathan Gold as one of its many advocates. When it came out, there was a lot of head-nodding, but also a few dissident opinions as well.

One of the more vocal of the latter was Rob Eshman of Jewish Journal. He begs to differ with his "10 Reasons Saveur Magazine Is Wrong" stating that "the problem is not what the editors included, it's what they left out." And then there's his coup de grâce: "It is not a great food city. It is an almost-very good one."

Them's fightin' words, as evidenced by the backlash (with commentators weighing on both sides) on the L.A. Chowhound Board.

Even LA Observed got into the kerfuffle, with a broadcast that granulates the back-and-forth as pure politics. LISTEN TO THEIR KCRW BROADCAST HERE.

By the way, I agree that L.A. is a great food city. But here's my only issue with the, uh, issue. They included Little Saigon (page 46), but neglected to mention that it is in Orange County.  They describe it only vaguely as "a handful of towns south of LA that is home to a vast array of Southeast Asian stores and restaurants".

Isn't it bad enough that our ball team's called "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"?  C'mon!


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