Kean Coffee Takes Over Starbucks

Kean Coffee Takes Over Starbucks

Score one for the little guy!

Fellow blogger and foodie Brekkie Fan sent me a note that the Starbucks at Newport Ave. and Main St. in Tustin is going to become the second outpost of Kean Coffee.

Kean -- as all caffeine junkies already know -- is Martin Diedrich's indie coffee house; The one he built from scratch in Newport Beach after he sold his much-beloved local gem Diedrich's Coffee to the Starbucks empire.

Well now that more and more Buckies stores are folding, (Hmm, I wonder why fewer people are willing to pay $5 for coffee nowadays) this news seems sweetly karmic.

Brekkie Fan even got the scoop from Martin Diedrich himself.

"I did meet Martin today while at Kean," she writes.

"He served me my quiche. We got to talking, and it's an interesting story. The spot they will be occupying (slated for a January opening) is actually the site of his original Diedrich Coffee. How very full circle/karma-like is that?"


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