KAPPA Pisco, Our Drink of the Week!

KAPPA Pisco, Our Drink of the Week!

Months ago, a nice woman approached me at Memphis at the Santora, and it was a bizarre situation for many reasons. No nice women ever approach me, for starters, and not a single devotchka had ever offered to buy me a drink. Ever. But here came this woman offering to buy me a cocktail, with my chica right there besides me, with no shame. WTF?

It turned out she was a publicist for KAPPA Pisco, and she was promoting the South American liquor for a crowd more accustomed to vodka, tequila, and bourbon. I declined the free drink offer, but nevertheless ordered one of the pisco-based cocktails that night, given the Memphis men know their drinks. It was pisco sour, and it was spectacular: tart, froth, wonderful, with the KAPPA Pisco shining through.

I'm not sure if Memphis is still working with pisco--as much as I liked their pisco sour, I'm far too addicted to bourbon to pay much attention to other liquors these days. But I did like the KAPPA, so on a recent visit to Hi-Time, I bought a bottle.

Pisco, of course, is a brandy-esque liquor derived from grapes--but whereas brandy has a saccharine quality to it, pisco balances out the sweetness with a tart touch. And the KAPPA brand--produced in Chile by the Grand Marnier family--does a great job of accentuating pisco's charms. It's like gin, except sweeter: strong start and finish, a mellow middle, heavy on the aromatics and spices, with a slight bubbly consistency--it's like 7-Up left out for a bit. I guess it could work as a shot, but it's fabulous on the rocks--and, given July was just documented as the hottest month on record, you need more refreshing stuff in your life, no?

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