That's "Kajun" with a "K"EXPAND
That's "Kajun" with a "K"
Edwin Goei

Kajun Kitchen Replaces Roma D'Italia in Orange

Roma D'Italia's branch in Orange (across from the original Anepalco's Cafe) shuttered a few months ago. Now a new Cajun joint that serves the same kind of food as Boiling Crab and Kickin' Crab has moved in. 

Kajun Kitchen offers shrimp, clams, mussels, crawfish, lobster and multiple species of crab by the pound, cooked with three choices of seasoning and spice level. But it also boasts a menu of po' boys and a "Create Your Own Plate" section where you can get a sort of bento box with rice, a side, and a single serving of your choice of seafood boil without ordering a whole pound for yourself.

The "Create Your Own Plate" meals hover around $8.

424 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868


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