Kaffa's Breakfast Paninis Great, Coffee Also (I Think)

When I get tired of Norm's across the street from Weekly world headquarters for breakfast, I drive up Main Street until it switches from SanTana to Orange and head toward Kaffa! The 2004 Weekly review yellowing on the wall needs just a couple of updates--the owner isn't Justin Wong anymore but a nice Korean couple...and really, that's about it. The paninis still excel, both the breakfast variety and lunch specials (get the latter, especially, since it comes with a substantial salad). For the former, I always chow down on the Western bacon scramble--eggs shaped into a triangle, with mushrooms, crunch bacon strips, and melted cheddar in-between focaccia slices--and wash it down with freshly squeezed orange juice.

But one thing I cannot recommend is what Kaffa! is most famous for: coffee. People always assume I'm addicted to the stuff given my energy and natural jitters, but I can't stand the stuff--and the smell is starting to get to me as well. Hell, I don't know the differences between lattes, espressos, iced drinks and a cuppa joe. But I'll trust the workers from St. Joseph's across the street, the professionals who pop in at all hours, and miladay--who always orders a large soy latte, no foam--and say Kaffa! brews good caffeine gold. You'll have to try it yourself--and, while you're there, get a copy of the Weekly!

Kaffa!, 424 S. Main St., Ste. K. Orange, (714) 978-1992


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