Joël Robuchon (a.k.a French Food God) Eating In-N-Out

Joël Robuchon (a.k.a French Food God) Eating In-N-Out
Photo Courtesy of Kat Odell at Good Bite

Who's that eating an Animal Style In-N-Out burger? Why, it's Joël Robuchon, the man dubbed "Chef of the Century" by the Gault Millau, and the only one who can boast more Michelin stars than any chef in the world. Still doesn't ring a bell? You might have seen him in Top Chef last season, where he was treated like God himself.

Cut to where blogger Kat Odell at Good Bites was able to interview him and afterward went on an In-N-Out run when he says that he's never had it. There was more to the interview than that, but this photo has been spreading through the food blogosphere as if a deity was caught walking among mortals.

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