Jinya Ramen To Close In Costa Mesa

Jinya Ramen To Close In Costa Mesa

The Costa Mesa ramen renaissance seemed to have hit a speed bump. A tipster named cbc commented on my recent restaurant roll call post that Jinya Ramen in Costa Mesa, which has only been open for a little more than a year, is going to be closing mid-month.

The competition has been undoubtedly fierce, what with Santoka, Yamadaya and so many others in the city.

Yet, the store's Facebook's post continue, business as usual. The only hint that their departure is imminent is a response to a customer comment who wrote, "Very Sad u r closing. I really thought something finally was going to make it there."

The restaurant responded with:

we are super sad too. if you say so, we would be sad more since we can feel your sweetness. we love every single customers at costa mesa. you guys are charming, friendly, nice, and funny. we feel like you guys always support us a lot. we are so sad to say bye to every customers. but we will see you soon for sure. Thank you for your message.

In other news: the store has announced its actually moving to Las Vegas come September.

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