Jason Quinn to Open Fancy Restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana

Jason Quinn to Open Fancy Restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana
Dave Lieberman

Ever walked through the pedestrian plaza on Second Street between Sycamore and Broadway? You walk past the Gypsy Den and Memphis, then Lola Gaspar and the soon-to-open Road Less Traveled and Belly Sprout stores, and then, on your left . . . scaffolding and an indescribably ugly fence closing off what looks as if it were Paul Revere's house plunked down in the middle of Southern Califas.

This beautiful building, which once housed offices of The Gas Company, has sat empty for as long as I've lived in Orange County. It is destined, finally, for public service once again: Jason Quinn, formerly of the Lime Truck and current enfant terrible at Playground on la Cuatro, intends to open a restaurant there.

According to Playground's Jason Quinn, the working title is Peachtree; there aren't many details, though he intends to include a full bar and a focus on cocktails. Given Quinn's penchant for high-end ingredients, it's almost certain to be shmancy.

Stay tuned for further details on Peachtree and other restaurant news, as downtown Santa Ana turns into a real dining scene.

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