Jason Quinn: Ready to go 2, 4, 6 on y'all!
Jason Quinn: Ready to go 2, 4, 6 on y'all!

Jason Quinn of Lime Truck and Hop Phan of Dos Chinos to Host Pop-Up Restaurant at Shark Club Sept. 19!

Earlier this year, Aron Habiger of the Crosby hosted Dee Nguyen of Break of Dawn for a pop-up night that had the SanTana restaurant slammed. We Forkers welcomed the occasion, not just because we all lover Habiger and Nguyen, but because it also heralded the dawn of pop-up restaurants in our fair county, a food trend we're, oh, six years behind.

Now comes word that Jason Quinn of Lime Truck fame and Hop Phan from Dos Chinos are collaborating on a pop-up restaurant next Monday at an unlikely location--the venerable Shark Club in Costa Mesa.

Phan: 1, 3, 5!
Phan: 1, 3, 5!
Photo by Amy Kaplan

Turns out that the Shark Club is now world headquarters for Dos Chinos, and they're going to be providing the food there Sundays and Mondays during football season. OH SNAP...but how did the collaboration between Phan's SanTana groove and Quinn's Irvine sophistication come to fruition?

"Hop and I have always been good friends," says Quinn. They first became acquainted after the first OC DinDin-A-Go-Go, when they found themselves continuing to want and hang out after the event finished. "They went to where I live in Irvine with their truck, and we just kicked it. Hop made some food, I provided drinks, and we had a great truck. We're just two kids who are going through the same thing right now. "We understand each other's live because the food truck business is so ridiculous."

Phan, in a rare laconic moment, said he wanted to collaborate with Quinn because "I thought it would be fun." He did preface it, though, with one of his trademark goofy laughs!

The pop-up restaurant will unveil like this: it's going to be a six-course family-style meal. Phan has courses 1, 3, and 5; Quinn gets 2, 4, and 6, each doing their thing. People will be seated in tables of 10 and MUST reserve in groups of 2, 3, or 4 people--no walk-ups for these seatings, people! There'll be two seatings of 100--one scheduled for 6 p.m., another for 9 p.m. Meals will be $50 apiece, and Gabrielle Dion from Charlie Palmer's will be on hand with a six-cocktail course as well (!).

If you're not lucky enough to get seats, don't worry: at 11 p.m., Phan and Quinn will open the doors for all comers and serve food until they run out. At that point, a live band will perform and the Shark Club's legendary drunken merriment will inevitably occur. You can make your reservation starting tomorrow at limelight.la See you there!

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