Jason Quinn Hosts A Burger Eating Challenge, Featuring A 'Shit-Ton Of Foie'

Jason Quinn Hosts A Burger Eating Challenge, Featuring A 'Shit-Ton Of Foie'
PhilGorgeous via FoodBeast

What foie gras ban? 

This Saturday, Aug. 11, the bird is back at The Playground in Santa Ana, where Jason Quinn will be assembling a beast of burger for 10 brave guests. The Shut The Duck Up Burger will feature a doubled version of the famed, off-the-menu Playground burger--Wagyu chuck and dry-age ribeye torchon patty, Tomme de Savoie and maple-bourbon onions--topped with, as the chef puts it, a "shit-ton of foie." Six ounces of the super-fatty liver delicacy, to be exact.   

Of course, as well all know, selling foie gras is no longer legal, which is why The Playground, along with Orisue Clothing and Foodbeast, are hosting a burger eating challenge instead. Participants must finish the foie gras monstrosity and a huge plate of fries and a beer. 

The madness starts at 9:30. The sign-up list has closed, but all are invited to watch the chowdown in terror. As Quinn says in the promo video, "Good luck, fuckers!"  

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