Japanophiles Rejoice! Mitsuwa's Upcoming 20th Anniversary

Head down to Mitsuwa Marketplace from Friday March 27 to Monday March 30 for some bargains as the complex celebrates 20 years in Costa Mesa.

There'll be special offers, promotions, special dishes and, for the first 5,000 customers (!), an eco-friendly shopping bag.

Fans of Miyazaki Wagyu beef take note, too: steak and BBQ beef will be on sale at "amazing prices". But it's in limited quantities, so get there quick.

Regular hours are in operation during the fair—that's 9am to 7.30pm for the restaurants, and 8pm for the stores.

Our favorite spots inside the food court? Miyabi-Tei and Italian Tomato, for their curries. Miyabi-Tei is a bit cheaper (around $7 for a huge serving including salad), and its hamburger katsu is to die for...

And you probably will, if you eat it regularly. But we say it's worth the risk.


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