Japanese Food and Sake Festival 2009 Coming To Garden Grove

When you get a cut, do you bleed Kikkoman? When you're sad, do you cry ponzu tears? When your blow your nose, does wasabi come out?

If so, then you love Japanese food. And as such you might want to know that the Japanese Food and Sake Festival 2009 is coming to town on Thursday, March 5th from 5:00 - 8:00pm at the Hyatt Regency in Garden Grove.

None other than Mr. Yoshida, famous from his eponymous sauce, will be there, along with the chef from Katsu-ya Restaurant and Sushi Roku (L.A. Japanese staples you may or may not know about). They will be doing cooking demonstrations.

Other restaurants expected to attend: Gyu-Kaku, Katsu-Ya, Kitayama Restaurant, Musha, Oki Doki, Ronin, Shin Sen Gumi, Sushi Roku, Tokyo Table Restaurant & Bar ...and that's not counting the other exhibitors, which include sake and beer producers.

Admission is $40/person for advance orders, $50/person at the door, $30 (For ages between 6 - 20. Price doesn't apply for alcoholic beverages. Included in the price: free samples!!!!


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