Japanese Beer For Kids!
Photo courtesy of And Everything Nice

Japanese Beer For Kids!

There's underage drinking and then there's really underage drinking. I was tipped off on this tidbit by our web editor Vickie Chang. It's Kidsbeer, because what's a hard-working tyke home from a tough day at the playground to drink with his cookies when milk just doesn't cut it?

This is a Japanese product so laughably wrong, it had to be real. Of course, it's not alcoholic. Reports say that though it pours out with a frothy head, it's a guarana-based drink. And if you look at their website, there's a cartoon of schoolgirl, one hand hoisting a frosty mug, the other holding her dog.

What disappoints me is that the dog doesn't have a beer of his own...wait a minuuuuuttte...have I got an idea for you!


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