Jamillah Garden Gone; Myung Dong Kal GukSu Steps In

Jamillah Garden Gone; Myung Dong Kal GukSu Steps In
Edwin Goei

Jamillah Garden, long a staple of the Tustin food scene and one of only a few Islamic Chinese restaurants in OC, has called it quits, finally folding and surrendering its corner spot in a hidden strip mall to a Korean noodle house called Myung Dong Kal GukSu.

Myung Dong, as those who read this paper will recall, is a popular Korean noodle chain with at least three other outlets in Southern California. The Anaheim store, on Euclid Street directly behind the iconic La Palma Chicken Pie shop, was the subject of a review I did not more than a few months ago.

This newest store in Tustin serves exactly the same menu. There are meat-filled steamed dumplings, hand-cut noodles that chew like they were made of Flubber, and of course, kimchi as potent as the summer day is hot.

2512 Walnut Ave. # 1,Tustin, CA 92780

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