It's Official: There Are No Longer Any Beard Papa's In O.C.

Once upon a time, there were two

Beard Papa's

in Orange County. Now there are none. Several months ago, the

Beard Papa's

shop in Santa Ana MainPlace, which was the last to debut in O.C., was the first to go. Last week, as reported by


contributor and

Chowhound Professor Salt

, the very first

Beard Papa's

in Orange County inside the

Marukai Market

has also shuttered.

If you're craving their light custardy filling inside those crispy shells, there's still hope. There are still quite a few around. But all require a drive beyond our county's borders. There's an outlet in Cerritos to the west, and City of Industry to the north.

But for me, last week, during my once-in-a-while pilgrimage to the temple of juicy pork dumplings called Din Tai Fung, I had some of their divinely crackly puffs, piped with cooling rich cream at a store that was a block away in Arcadia. And it was as good as always. Little did I know it is a taste that is now extinct in O.C.


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