Italian Burrito Concept Debuts In Costa Mesa

Italian Burrito Concept Debuts In Costa Mesa

The pitch might have have taken exactly two words: "Italian Chipotle", because that's how anyone would describe it. 

Like many others that aspire to have the same success as the Steve Ells chain, Burrissimo takes the assembly-line concept and applies it to Italian food. You start out with three paths, either a salad, a pasta bowl, or an Italian wrap called a Burrissimo. Then you pick the sauces (hot or cold) and the toppings (from about 20 choices including cheese and grilled veggies).

There's also soups, pepperoni rolls, and for dessert, zeppoles, Italian donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar. You could say it's an Italian-style churro just as this is Italian-style Chipotle. 

The concept opened on Saturday at: 

1534 Adams Ave #D Costa Mesa 92626 (714) 206-1682 

The full menu can be seen here:

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