Is Your Tuna Tuna?

When you're sitting down to have sushi, you'd never think that something advertised as tuna would be anything but. However, according to a recent study reported by Wired Magazine, that tuna isn't always tuna.

The research was actually conducted to build a database that will eventually allow for DNA barcoding, which would give inspectors or even diners the power to identify the species of fish sold by at markets or restaurants by the use of a handheld DNA reader. The ultimate goal, actually, is so that "wildlife officials could use that technology to spot-check fish markets, and fine people who are selling protected species."

But during the course of their study, "the team of researchers from Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History ordered tuna from 31 sushi restaurants and then used genetic tests to determine the species of fishes in those dishes. More than half of those eateries misrepresented, or couldn't clarify the type of fish they were mongering. Several were selling endangered southern bluefin tuna."

Makes you wonder doesn't it? Is that tuna tuna?


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