Is JT's New Tequila Biz Venture Justified?

Not content with a hugely successful music career, a record label and a fashion line, Justin Timberlake is now branching out into the world of alcohol.

901, his new brand of tequila, is named for the area code of Memphis, Timberlake's hometown, and also (rather unconvincingly) "because 901 is the time of night when your evening is ending but your night is just beginning".

The liquor has reportedly been in development for two years, and is launching in stores in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and St Louis in May.

Here's hoping JT doesn't let the drink go to his head and turn into an arch-wanker like his fellow celebrity-turned-boozemaker, P "Woe is Me" Diddy. That's unlikely to happen: while Diddy polarizes opinions, JT is widely regarded as a regular, down-to-earth guy.

But, just to be sure, maybe he can drop by and mix me a margarita some time.

One thing is for certain: we've come a long way since Cliff Richard's deeply uncool Portuguese plonk.

(Check out this hilarious wine tasting session with Sir Cliff and Gordon Ramsay, where Cliff inadvertently disses his own wine and--more shockingly--swears!).


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