Is Goat Meat the Next Bacon?

I have long sung the praises of goat meat, gone on and on about the birria at El Cabrito, Binh Dan's seven-course goat dinner, the Pakistani treatments over at Noorani and Bismillah. Now, it seems that slowly, surely, non-ethnics are beginning to consider goat the next bacon, the next meat to become a trend.

Last week, the Washington Post ran a story on the goat-meat industry in the United States, noting that the number of goats slaughtered in this country have doubled every 10 years for the past three decades. Yesterday, TreeHugger offered goat as an ethical alternative to beef--didn't bother with the argument, but rest assured thousands of greenies will now try to butcher a goat in their backyards.

We Forkers welcome this development and look forward to the inevitable luxe lonchera that serves birria. Us? We'll stick with Hot Taco.

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