Is Barbara Coe a Slow Food Movement Acolyte?

I've written before about the Slow Food movement, an effort by foodies to buy local, organic produce and food products in order to support our regional farmers and culinary traditions. Now, this mostly-lefty, mostly-wealthy philosophy seems to have found a new acolyte: California Coalition for Immigration Reform Barbara Coe.

Last week, Coe forwarded an email to her supporters that urged a boycott of Chinese-made products. That prompted a response from Haydee Pavia, a Latina Know Nothing who seems to pop up in every Letters to the Editor newspaper page in the country railing about illegals. 
"Barb: I am a customer of Trader Joe's. I have recently written a letter to their main office and told them that I can find canned California peaches, in a can that holds almost 2 lbs, at the 99 Cent Store for $.99!" Pavia wrote to Coe. "Trader Joe's has Mexican canned peaches for over $2 each, same weight. I have told Trader Joe's that there is a national movement by consumers not to buy foreign food products. I have suggested Trader Joe's becomes known as the place where one can find U.S. produced foods."

"Many thanks for this info," Coe wrote back. "Maybe, just maybe, together we can convince Trader Joe's to stock ONLY American merchandise! MANY patriots would become dedicated customers!"

Of course, Coe probably doesn't realize that American produce probably passed through more Mexican hands than foreign goods, but we nevertheless commend Babs for her startling attempt at modern trends. What's next: Coe advocating for farmer's markets? Stay tuned...


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