Not the $110 bowl. More like $8 (at Santoka in Costa Mesa).
Not the $110 bowl. More like $8 (at Santoka in Costa Mesa).
Edwin Goei

Is a $110 Bowl Of Ramen Coming to L.A. in August? And How To Make Your Own.

There are reports from Reuters that a restaurant in Japan is serving and selling what must be the world's most expensive bowl of ramen. The "Five-Taste Blend Imperial Noodles" offered at Tokyo's Fujimaki Gekijyo restaurant retails at a staggering $110 a bowl.

The cost is apparently to offset the more than 20 ingredients required to make it; and also, the three days of preparation. What's more suprising than the price tag is that their customers purport that "it's worth every yen". In fact, the restaurant is so successful that they are planning to open in Los Angeles in August. Save up now.

In any case, I've tried vainly to find out what these 20+ ingredients are, but could not get a beat on them. So instead, I will now how tell you can create a $110 bowl of ramen of your very own*.

See my recipe after the jump.


1 package Top Ramen. Cost: $0.30.
26.4 ounces of Kobe Beef Filet Mignon**. Cost: $109.70 ($49.99 for two 6 oz filets)


1. Cook ramen to package instructions.
2. Add beef, thinly sliced.

* Recipe not guaranteed to work...or taste good.
** Vegetarians, you can substitute the beef with about a half bottle of Cristal Champagne.


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