Irvine Restaurant Week Going On Right Now Until Thursday

January, as most of you know, is a slow month for restaurants. And thus, as part of a so-called "

California Restaurant Month,

" some eateries in Irvine are participating in a so-called "

Irvine Restaurant Week

." I say "so-called" because among the restaurants listed is

Mastro's Steakhouse

, which is actually located in Costa Mesa. But hell, close enough.

Like any other restaurant week, there will be prix fixe meal options at so-so prices, but unlike other restaurant week, Irvine's seems to have an inordinate amount of Asian restaurants, which in my experience, isn't usually normal for these kinds of things. 

And four of them (Ajisen Ramen, Chef Hung, SWSH and Capital) hail from Diamond Jamboree, the Asianest plaza in Irvine.

If you have 15 minutes to kill you can watch the YouTube link I embedded above to find out highlights of who's participating (frankly, I did not have the patience to sit all the way through it) or just go to the full list by clicking this link.

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