iPad-Equipped Restaurant Opens Tomorrow in Torrance; Cerritos in the Fall

iPad-Equipped Restaurant Opens Tomorrow in Torrance; Cerritos in the Fall

Our sister blog Squid Ink and other LA food sites have been writing about Stacked for months. The hook of the restaurant is that each table is equipped with an iPad from which you order and customize your burgers, pizzas and salads via dragging the ingredients on Apple's tablet computer. You pay for only the ingredients you choose.


The founders, who are veterans of the BJ's Restaurant empire, thinks eliminating the waiter will increase efficiency, and get you out the door faster. How they intend to deal with non-tech-savvy people when they'll inevitably struggle with the system remains to be seen.

The concept's first location opens tomorrow, May 31st, at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance. But Cecile, my friend and tipster who keeps an eye on the happenings in Cerritos and Artesia, has just informed me that another location is planned for a fall debut at Los Cerritos Center, which is close enough to OC to warrant this post. The Cerritos location will occupy the spot that used to be Todai on 18425 Gridley Rd. Sometime in between, one will also open in San Diego.

They may not need waiters, but they'd be smart to steal a "Genius" from the Apple Store and keep him in the back, just in case.

Del Amo Fashion Center, 3525 W. Carson St., Torrance. www.stacked.com.

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