Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob of the Lime Truck.
Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob of the Lime Truck.
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Interview With Daniel Shemtob of The Lime Truck on Winning The Great Food Truck Race

The Lime Truck boys Daniel Shemtob, Jason Quinn and Jesse Brockman were victorious last Sunday, winning the competition and earning the $100,000 grand prize. We caught Shemtob for a short chat and though he's mum on that whole Korilla scandal, he spilled his thoughts on other GFTR controversial moments, like that regrettable comment in Manhattan, Kansas.

OC Weekly: So congrats! How does it feel to have won after that long slog?

Daniel Shemtob: Truly amazing, I still have nightmares that I woke up and I didn't win the competition.

The win was obviously the highlight of your time in the competition; what was the lowlight?

I think the lowlight of the competition was very apparent. We were in Manhattan, Kansas. I started of with saying something so impolite, and even though my intentions were not to hurt anyone I still said something wrong. Then our food challenge, which we completely botched, and finally a challenge that forced us into serving food that we weren't completely proud of. As you know from our reputation at home, we wont serve something if we are not a 100% in love with it, and we battled that thought because of the speed bump.

Do you have any regrets?

No, but that's not in my character. If I would have to pick one regret, it would be that I didn't take enough pictures and documentation of the journey. It was a really cool place, and our country has some really beautiful landscapes and cities.

How influential was your OC fans to secure your win? I know at least one fan flew out to Miami to support you.

Yeah we had a bunch of fans who did some amazing things for us. We owe a lot to them for our success here in OC and on the road. It's wild we even made some new fans on the road who followed us and helped us out. We call them "limeades" and they are truly awesome and amazing people.

What's next for The Lime Truck? Any chance of a Lime Restaurant?

We've thought about it time and time again, but not entirely sure.

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