"Javier Cabral" is Huichol for "El Cabrón de Cabrones"
"Javier Cabral" is Huichol for "El Cabrón de Cabrones"

Intern Javier Gets Cover Story of This Month's Saveur!

For months, Javier kept telling me about how he was working on an article for Saveur about food from Zacatecas, a subject I'm somewhat obsessed with as you gentle readers know. He's a zacatecano también, from a different part of the state but still very much a part of the culinary brotherhood: gorditas, queso añejo, and enough types of tunas (cactus fruit) to turn you permanently purple.

Today, I'm proud as hell to announce that not only did Javier's piece drop in this month's issue of Saveur, IT MADE THE PINCHE COVER!!!

You can read his awesome story here, or--better yet--buy the damn issue. He paints a magnificent picture of our Zacatecas--you can smell the dust of the rancho, the pungent moles, and singsong Spanish of us chúntaros. My only issue with Javier's piece: where the hell is the shout-out for Jerez?

In all honesty, congrats Javier. And I ask the question again: qué chingada is someone of your preternatural talent doing interning for a rag like the Weekly?

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