Infographic: How to Be a Douche In the Buffet Line

Years back, Pizza Hut in China tried to put an end to the Homer Simpsons of the world by enforcing a one-plate-per-person rule for its salad buffet. Customers were all like, "What the heck, man?" And then they were all like, "CHALLENGE!"   

In stunning acts of engineering and douchebaggery, diners showed how to beat the system by stacking food vertically, Jenga-style. Now, Daily Mail has posted a handy infographic, How to Beat the Buffet, based on the methods of Chinese scientist Shen Hongrui, who has built 3-foot-tall food towers. Yeah, who wants to bet no one's going to eat that?  

Seems like Hongrui has to look for a new hobby. The towers became so popular that Pizza Hut eventually scrapped its salad bars in China.

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