Incoming Gourd! Cal State Fullerton Pumpkin Launch This Saturday

Incoming Gourd! Cal State Fullerton Pumpkin Launch This Saturday

It used to be that dropping an egg from great heights was a test of skill. These days, it's  practical to find competitive use for that leftover jack-o-lantern. If you're looking for family activities this holiday weekend (or inspiring the mind of that future mechanical engineer), look no further than Cal State Fullerton.

For the fifth annual Pumpkin Launch, sixteen teams are registered to compete. Sponsored by Discovery Science Center, Future Scientists and Engineers of America, and Cal State Fullerton, the day's festivities include additional opportunities for children to learn about science.

Some of the hands-on demonstrations involve building lava lamps and crafting catapults from Popsicle sticks."This event helps to expand the knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) disciplines to get others, especially children, thinking about a career in these fields." says mechanical engineering student Andrew Raya.

The free event is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the CSU athletic fields, with actual launches scheduled to begin at noon. Ample free parking, luxe loncheras and a Medieval showcase will keep most of you out of trouble. The rest can spend their time listening for a distinct SPLAT.

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