We'd fight parking for thisEXPAND
We'd fight parking for this
Photo courtesy Fatty Tuna

Irvine's Fatty Tuna To Offer Omakase Dining

We heard rumors about something special moving into a vacancy at Park Place off 405/Jamboree (a.k.a that perpetually busy parking lot where Mother's Market is), but nobody was elaborating until now. Preparing to launch in the next month, Fatty Tuna is a sushi concept borne by Wonny Lee and Hugh Pham. Before you dismiss it as just another sushi joint, we asked Pham what sets them apart.

"Fatty Tuna is an Omakase-style dining experience that offers traditional sushi in a laid back, California atmosphere. We offer a deceptively simple sushi experience of the highest quality, sourcing the best seafood and produce while executing it in the purest form."

Better than a poke bowlEXPAND
Better than a poke bowl
Photo courtesy Fatty Tuna

Of course, the next thing we wanted to know was the experience of their sushi pros. Wonny Lee has worked throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties, naming previous employers such as Hamasaku, Hamamori and The Bazaar. Sushi Chef Randy Fukushima possesses over a decade of experience, including a stint at Wasa Sushi. Co-owner Pham is known in restaurant circles as an Owner/Partner with The Kroft.

A la carte sushi is also a possibility, but those more trusting should request one of Fatty Tuna's trio of omakase options— including a fourth that's geared towards vegetarians. While they await final inspection, focusing on a full liquor license is also a priority. Soju/sake cocktails and craft beers should tide you over until then. Sounds like the answer to all those deep-fried, cheese-covered and egg-topped adventures we've been surrounded by.

Fatty Tuna will be located at 2967 Michelson Dr, Ste G; www.fattytunasushi.com (forthcoming). Follow them on Facebook at @fattytunasushi and on Instagram at @fattytuna_sushi.


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