In-N-Out Urge

With Valentine's Day upon us, we thought we'd talk to people about the two great passions the day seems to celebrate: love and food. So one afternoon, we took our curiosity to an In-N-Out Burger across from UC Irvine.

Why? We knew there'd be a lot of people there to talk to, people who seem to enjoy food. Plus, it's called In-N-Out. Huh? Huh? In. Out.Huh? Gold!

Ryan, 20If God came down tomorrow and told you this was your last day on earth and you could have either the best sex you've ever had or the best food, which would you choose?

Sex. Why? 'Cause food's food and sex is sex. Sex is a lot better . . . though there is this great tortellini this restaurant serves. It's pretty satisfying.

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If God came down tomorrow and told you this was your last day and that to pay for all your sins you could choose between the worst sex or the worst food, which would you choose?

Worst food. I can handle the worst food; I've had the worst. I can handle the consequences of the worst food. But I don't even want to think about the worst sex. I can't even imagine what that would be. I don't want to.

Is there any food you find sexy?

Not so much a type of food as restaurants that have a certain atmosphere that present food as sexy. I know there's this restaurant that serves lamp chops in a very sexy way. They're really great, and they present them, you know, all laid out with this glistening sauce, you know? Very sexy.

Have you ever included food in your lovemaking?

Never. No. . . . Well, let me think. . . . Uh, no. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised that I haven't. I guess it's because of all the stories I've heard—you know, doing it with whipped cream and then still having the smell of the cream in your hair five days later. Or I've heard stories about honey. You know, using honey. People think it's going to be great, but you really don't want to get honey around your stuff, you know?

David, 46Best sex or best food?

I would have to say food. Why? I guess because I could share it with someone else. I mean, this is for Valentine's, right? Yeah, food. Something involving a great steak.

Worst sex or worst food?

Worst food. I don't want to die with the thought of bad sex. I'd rather die with a smile on my face.

Sexy food?


Food in your lovemaking?

No, but that's a great idea.

Sydney, 20Best sex or best food?

Sex. Because sex is better than food. I'm not a big food fan.

Worst sex or worst food?

Sex. Because I can't even imagine what the worst food would be. You know, something totally disgusting. Whereas the worst sex is just kind of, you know, "eh."

Sexy food?

I'm not a big food fan.

Food in lovemaking?

Once again, not a big food fan.

Mike, 32Best sex or best food?

I'd say sex. If I'm going to die anyway, who cares if I'm hungry? Can the sex be on the golf course?

Worst sex or worst food?

Worst food. With bad food, you kind of eat it and it's over. But memories of bad sex will stay with you forever. Even in the afterlife.

Sexy food?

Sure. You know, the usual, someplace nice, with appetizers and dessert, you know. Nice atmosphere.

Food in your lovemaking?

Of course.

Janice, 19; Joo, 28Best sex or best food?

Janice [incredulous]: Food. Why? Because I'm not ready for sex.

Joo: Ditto.

Thuy, 30Best food or best sex?

Sex. It's better than food.

Worst sex or worst food?

Worst food. I would just eat it quickly and get it over with. You can always just puke it out. Bad sex stays with you a long time. A looong time.

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