In-N-Out Sues Maryland Burger Joint For Infringement

In-N-Out Sues Maryland Burger Joint For Infringement

Last week, Irvine-based In-N-Out filed an infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Baltimore against Grab-N-Go Burger, an independent restaurant in Aberdeen, Maryland.

The chain alleges that Grab-N-Go's choice of color scheme, and, in fact, their name, is too close to In-N-Out's. They also allege that Grab-N-Go's "Wild Style Burger" infringes upon its proprietary "Animal Style".

This isn't the first time In-N-Out has gone after alleged copycats. Two years ago they were victorious in a trademark infringement lawsuit they filed against one Nicky's In-N-Out in Illinois. In 2007 they took a Utah-based burger joint called Chadder's which offered "Double Doubles" to court and won.

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