In-N-Out Pop-Up Sells Out in Toronto Before They're Even Open

Sending some love up North
Sending some love up North
Courtesy Ganzi Osteria

Here's to living in Southern California, where you can more or less walk to an In-N-Out from anywhere, because it's easy to forget some people aren't that lucky.

Take Toronto, for example: Last week, In-N-Out sent a team up north to give the Canadians a taste of our favorite cheap burger. The result? An hours-long line that had to be cut off before the restaurant even opened.

The pop up, which took place on Sept. 11 and got around by word of mouth / the Internet, was set to open at 11 a.m., but people could start lining up for wristbands at 6:30. By 10:30, every wrist band was already spoken for. Too bad for anyone who had to be at work.

So what'd you get with a wrist band? Well, you got to order ONE burger. That's it. Either a cheeseburger ($4), hamburger ($3), or double double ($6) with the option to go animal-style or protein-style. Seems.. uh, kind of expensive. Oh, and you couldn't even get any fries. What a bummer.

That didn't turn off anyone though, here's a picture of the giant line that formed:

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Well, I hope those people took notes, 'cause they're not having another double-double anytime soon unless they make a trip down to California. In-N-Out doesn't plans to open a store in Toronto, or any of the other 25 countries where it's done pop-ups. In-N-Out is big on the whole no-freezing thing, so unless you're near their California and Texas distibution centers, don't hold your breath.

And if they do hold a pop up near you, better get in line. As In-N-Out Special Foreign Events Manager Brian Nakao told The Globe and the Mail, "We try and keep it low-key because we don't have a whole lot of burgers to sell."

Hm, maybe I'll wander over to an In-N-Out for lunch today..

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