Sending some love up North
Sending some love up North
Courtesy Ganzi Osteria

In-N-Out Pop-Up Sells Out in Toronto Before They're Even Open

Here's to living in Southern California, where you can more or less walk to an In-N-Out from anywhere, because it's easy to forget some people aren't that lucky.

Take Toronto, for example: Last week, In-N-Out sent a team up north to give the Canadians a taste of our favorite cheap burger. The result? An hours-long line that had to be cut off before the restaurant even opened.

The pop up, which took place on Sept. 11 and got around by word of mouth / the Internet, was set to open at 11 a.m., but people could start lining up for wristbands at 6:30. By 10:30, every wrist band was already spoken for. Too bad for anyone who had to be at work.

So what'd you get with a wrist band? Well, you got to order ONE burger. That's it. Either a cheeseburger ($4), hamburger ($3), or double double ($6) with the option to go animal-style or protein-style. Seems.. uh, kind of expensive. Oh, and you couldn't even get any fries. What a bummer.

That didn't turn off anyone though, here's a picture of the giant line that formed:

Well, I hope those people took notes, 'cause they're not having another double-double anytime soon unless they make a trip down to California. In-N-Out doesn't plans to open a store in Toronto, or any of the other 25 countries where it's done pop-ups. In-N-Out is big on the whole no-freezing thing, so unless you're near their California and Texas distibution centers, don't hold your breath.

And if they do hold a pop up near you, better get in line. As In-N-Out Special Foreign Events Manager Brian Nakao told The Globe and the Mail, "We try and keep it low-key because we don't have a whole lot of burgers to sell."

Hm, maybe I'll wander over to an In-N-Out for lunch today..

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