In-n-Out Gets Sued For Race, Age Discrimination; Why the Lawsuit is Preposterous
Michelle Woo/OC Weekly

In-n-Out Gets Sued For Race, Age Discrimination; Why the Lawsuit is Preposterous

You ever wonder why the In-n-Out crew is always so gosh-darn wholesome and young, as opposed to fast-food places, where it seems the average worker is now middle-aged and immigrant? It's because the Irvine-based chain has a specific image they want to project, one they craft carefully and ensure by paying their workers a great wage and offering benefits. As a result, half of Southern California wants to work there, which lets In-n-Out pick the best of the crop.

But does that mean that In-n-Out only pick perky white girls and handsome white boys? Not at all--go to the In-n-Out off Bristol and Fifth streets in SanTana, and all the workers are perky Chicanas and handsome caballeros. Nevertheless, two Bay Area men who filed a lawsuit against the company claim the opposite: that In-n-Out is not only racist, but discriminates based on age.

The class-action suits claims In-n-Out practices "systematic discriminatory hiring," specifically against African-Americans and people over 40, charges strenuously denied by the company.

"In-N-Out Burger does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race or age in its hiring policies or practices," their general council said in a statement. "We hire from our local communities and our restaurants reflect the demographics of that community. The company will aggressively defend itself against these irresponsible allegations."

At least in Southern California, I gotta side with In-n-Out. Hell, I've even seen a black guy work in Orange County--and no black people live  here!

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