In-N-Out Demolishes Oldest Remaining Location to Build Museum Honoring Said Location

The only gift Baldwin Park gave to the world was In-N-Out, and you know this to be so when its hometown paper, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, describes the chain's oldest-remaining location as the "city's most notable landmark." It hadn't been open since 2004, because In-N-Out officials had unveiled a newer location nearby and planned to refurbish the older space--dating back to 1954--as a museum.

That's not going to happen anymore. The Tribune reported yesterday that In-N-Out had that structure demolished so they could--yep!--build a replica of that building to use as a museum. There's that OC influence infiltrating into the all-American company.

Seriously? Ugh ... this reminds me of San Juan Capistrano kicking out Ignacio Lujano from the city's last major orange grove to uproot it and make it into a municipal yard to take care of the city's open space; of evil developer William Lyon uprooting thousands of acres of orange groves, then growing a boutique for himself in his Coto de Caza antebellum mansion. Take it, Joni!

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